Lynnsy Logue, BIC, GRI, CRS
The Real Estate Lady®
The Real Estate Lady®

Producer- Host
Cable - featuring real estate-over sixty programs  
Weekly- Live radio program featuring real estate. 

Writer for magazines and newspapers throughout the county on real estate, the people and the process of buying and selling. 

Mid 90's-Internet/webmaster/ photographer, writer 
and designer for
The Real Estate Lady®, Condo CanDo ® and 
Podcast and in Blog. (Search feature in archives to 2006.)

The  business of real estate is about relationships; ergo it makes sense  clients are repeat folks or referrals who know the "extra mile" is the standard. 

My firm is a micro-brokerage and love my work as a full-time Real Estate Broker! Charlotte's diversity in people and vocations is energizing and enlightening. Living and working in such a creative environment keeps a bounce in my step!

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Lynnsy Logue Real Estate

"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
The Real Estate Lady®
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