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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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When I moved home to Charlotte 12 years ago, my parents generously allowed me to stay with them while I found a good job and saved up my money so I could buy a townhouse. Eighteen months later… I had the job and the money, so I began the hunt for my own place. My dad had heard an ad for Lynnsy on WFAE – the Condo Can-Do Lady – and we agreed that since it sounded like she specialized in exactly what I wanted, I should start with her – so I did! 

From the start, I felt like Lynnsy really understood what I was looking for. She asked good questions which I could answer honestly, and she knew what to do with the information. We started with some places that were in my price range and in the area where I wanted to be, but they were a little too small… So we looked at some places that were bigger, but further out than I wanted to be… so we went back to the original area and kept looking there. At every turn, Lynnsy responded to my likes and dislikes with new suggestions, getting closer and closer to the place I had been dreaming of. Then one morning, Lynnsy called me on my cell phone at 7:15am while I was on my way to work because a place had gone on the market that she knew was perfect for me – she had almost called me when she saw it go on MLS at midnight! We went to look at it later that day, and as soon as I stepped in the front door, I knew she was right – that it was the place for me. We made an offer, which was accepted; Lynnsy walked me through the whole process, and before I knew it, I was moving in to my new home! It had been true… Lynnsy knew what I was looking for, maybe even better than I did, and she found it for me. I had been right to place my trust in her – it really paid off! 

So several years later, when my parents started talking about selling the house they had lived in for 30 years and buying something smaller, I suggested they call Lynnsy… Maybe she could do for them what she did for me… and she did! She helped them every step of the way, as they fixed up their old house and sold it within a week of putting it on the market. The tables were turned, as my mom and dad came to live with me for the better part of a year while their new house was under construction… then it was done, they moved out – and in the process, Lynnsy had become like a member of the family! 

Naturally, 2 years later, when I was making plans to get married and move in with my new husband, it was Lynnsy I turned to in order to sell my sweet little townhouse… We fixed the few things needed to spruce it up, Lynnsy took her great pictures and got the listing up, and the offers came pouring in! Once again, Lynnsy walked me through the process, sorting through the offers to understand which one was really the best – and then it was done! Nine years after helping me find the place that was perfect for me, Lynnsy sold it for me in no time! It was a delight to be able to work together again after all those years, especially since we knew each other so much better the second time around – and this time paid off too! And ending up with Lynnsy as a special family friend is surely the best part of the deal… 

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