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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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​We had no intention of buying a townhouse in Charlotte anytime soon the day that we met Lynnsy. (Well, at least that wasn't my husband's intention). But I am a precipitous gal, and when I spotted a for sale sign in front of a townhouse on a cozy cul-de-sac, I just had to see the inside. We parked out front and I called the real estate lady--now our dear friend Lynnsy. "I can be there in twenty minutes," she said, "but I'll be there in full clown makeup." She went on to relate how she volunteers at fundraisers and childrens fund raisers for 
charity as a bonafide clown.  

I told her to come as she was, but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of her getting out of her car. She was indeed a clown from head to toe: zany striped suite, bald cap with white face paint, orange curly hair, red rubber nose, white gloves, and black shoes practically the size of tennis rackets. What a hoot! We couldn't stop laughing! From that first moment we were sold on Lynnsy, if not the house. Although every step that she took in those gigantic shoes went "slap, slap, slap," Lynnsy remained a professional, and answered every question to our satisfaction, so that by the end of the tour we were pretty much sold on the house too(That is to say, that I was.) We went home to Ft. Mill, and then I took over as sales lady. That evening I convinced my husband we needed to move sooner than we'd planned, and the next morning we called Lynnsy back with an offer. 

Tamar And Jeffrey

 Send in the  clowns...

Hello! The Clown and World Famous Duck, Who!  
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