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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Lynnsy Logue

 Forward thinking,  recognized the opportunity of local television and the unknown opportunity 
and value of the web.

 Not afraid to lead, not afraid to follow – but knows when to partner when someone is looking, buying or selling.

It is not just about real estate – it is about her love of the Queen City and the residents that make it a great place to live!

Rene' L.- Producer, Media Expert, IT Security
Real People, Our People and Our Story...

Lynnsy and I first became friends in the late 80’s when she came to my local origination studio and said “I have an idea for a local Real Estate” show. Together we produced 60 television shows, created a website, bought 2 houses and sold 1. I remember the day I was sitting in my office and picked up the phone and said – I don’t think I really want a house (the thought of yard work did not appeal to me) – how about we consider a condo instead. She told me to meet her, literally .5 miles down the street in 20 minutes. I did…I bought it!!!! 10 years later it was time for a bigger home. I fell in love with Bella Sera but it was way out of budget. In my head I put myself on a 5 year plan. A few days later Lynnsy called me and told me she put a star on the construction map representing my lot, based on the great view of the pond and local to the pool! 
So much for my 5 year plan…
I was building a NEW HOUSE.
  Somehow, financially and the selling of my condo all fell into place. In July 2015 I celebrate 10 years in the home and neighborhood that someone bigger than the both of us knew I belonged.


Rene' L.
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