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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Pamela F.
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My house hunting experience – 
Pamela F.

I bought a house that was not even on the market and sold a condo for cash! What a great end result, but what a journey as well. I could not have weathered the tides if it were not for Lynnsy Logue.  

Her favorite expression is “let’s all hold hands, and we will move forward together”.  

Lynnsy was a great teacher and coach in the home selling and buying process, something every “freshman” needs.  

Lynnsy made sure I was comfortable with every step of the process. We crunched numbers together, churned through “various” offers, and stayed firm on other’s proposals.  

Lynnsy and I “walked around the block” a few times, talking, evaluating and strategizing whatever challenge presented. The end result, I am a very happy home owner. 
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