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Mary McDaniel and Dave LaBounty
Real People, MyPeople, and Their  Stories
I had two pieces of property: one my homeplace blonging to my mother for decades and two; land adjoining the homeplace which had been a small farm with a small house where I lived for many years . The land would be suitable for a developer and the homeplace for a first time home buyer. 

 I had a classic home in Dilworth close to Freedom Park, the hospital and the very heart of Dilworth. I was a single Dad for many years and knew I had some fixing up to do to get the net I wanted.

Lynnsy handled all three well working with different brokers and developers. The developers were more cagey posing as themselves and as other companies but she recognized they all used the same type envelopes so she knew.
​The first timer needed some help and she helped his broker run through the ropes.
All closings went well. We didn't even have to go. We signed ahead of time.
We were friends before, appreciated her dedication and commitment  even more and share our experiences with others.
She is the best definitely.
Mary and Dave
Mary McDaniel and husband, Dave LaBounty
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