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Joan and Steve H. 
Real People, Our People and Our Story...
 Lynnsy Logue is the most competent and dedicated real estate professional I've ever worked with. There is no detail too small or challenge too great for Lynnsy to address in a totally committed and professional manner. The trusting relationship we developed during the house preparation and selling process was never wavered and I knew I could depend on her for wisdom and thoughtful guidance through every step. In any field of endeavor there are some who do the job, and there are those who display an exceptional sense of responsibility and the boldness and leadership necessary for successful completion of the process, even when faced with daunting challenges. Lynnsy Logue is that person - competent, ethical, fully committed to the process, and a creative and effective problem solver.
If I gave her a million dollars, it would not be enough to compensate  for what she did. So all I can say with gratitude over and over, is simply, THANKS.
Our story:
The picture above is of Joan and her husband, Steve. They live in Connecticut. Joan was Executor of her sister Marian's Estate.
Marian and her husband, Walter and I as Broker bought a smaller house, one floor in Dunedin after we had worked to market their larger home down the street. It suited them well as they contended with challenging illnesses. We had become good friends over the years and visited often. Marian wanted to be sure I met her sister, Joan, when she visited her here in Charlotte. And we did share bread and lively chats at Marian and Walter's table.
Marian, the ever spirited warrior approached the last of her days with great vigor and tenacity touching everything and everyone on her agenda, people, causes, communities, everything. At the last, it was no more than a few days, she simply hung it up. There was then much to be done and Joan came from Connecticut. Joan made the master plan and I acted as guide to refer folks who would disperse the estate stuff in a respectable way after Walter had his plans set to return to NY with his daughter. There were folks to settle the goods of the estate, there were folks called in to tend to the care and sprucing up of their home. And then during The Great Recession, there was a house  to sell and several false starts with buyers. And when finally sold and headed towards closing, there was an error on a survey that needed intense attention and cure. Phoning and emails and attorneys for the estate and the closing were accomplished by discussion and exploring and agreement.
Joan and I have become friends and we talk now occasionally about birds and gardens and have a laugh over some of the funny things  we encountered knowing full well Marian put us together for very good reasons. We will always be friends.

Joanie and Steve
Lynnsy and Joanie...the deal is done! Friends forever!
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