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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Greg and Cindy Platko
Lynnsy Logue has become more than a real estate partner; she has become our friend. She has helped us to sell two houses and purchase two others. All of our encounters with her were during some major life transitions. We so appreciated the time she took to listen to our dreams and visions and to enter into our journey. We had a long time dream of finding a house that we could transform into a retreat space. We had some specific desires and a tight budget. Lynnsy fully entered into our vision and found the perfect space for us. She held our hands through the difficult process of purchasing a house in foreclosure and dealing with the multitude of regulations with the government. We could not have done it without her.  

Greg and Cindy Platko. Greg works with IT at CPCC. Cindy is a nurse and Healing Touch Apprentice. Both are developing a retreat/community gathering space at The FARM ("A place to cultivate Faith,Awareness, Reflection and Mission) in Mint Hill.
Welcome to The Farm in Mint Hill. This was the dream from the hearts of Greg and Cindy Platko. They had the faith to sell their home while looking for a place that would be a community "home", and land for a community garden  and a place they could offer to others for rest, for dreams,
 for being together, a place of peace and love.
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