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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Ce Scott and I have been going on for a long, long wonderful time!
Ce after a 12 hour work day! Still beautiful, still laughing, still Ce!
Ce and I met many, many years ago. She was just out of school up north. She was a promising artist of  different media ( think chicken bones in a casket at The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC). She was a single mother, a baby daughter, who just this year turned 27 and lives in SF.
She wanted to buy a house. A house in Plaza Midwood or NoDa. Not quite then NoDa. We found it. She worked through all the challenges until we hit a snag. She trusted me to solve it. And that Christmas Eve the lender called from his office to say, "We can do it." Then years later she wanted to be in a certain school district, maybe a condo. And she went her way. And it happened just in time. A condo at the best price in the best place. And it happened. Then after the tenant in the house left and the Great Recession came thundering, she said, I want to sell the house. And somehow we got into a bidding war almost. She was tired, came home from work, needed to sleep and she said I trust you. We gained much more than we thought. She let me do my job. And then, she wanted to get married and sell the condo. She said just do it. And again she let me do my job and we snagged the highest price since before the Great Recession. She would have written this, but she's on her honeymoon and I have a due date. She would probably just instruct me to handle it. I am. As usual. Thanks, Ce.
Meet Ce Scott Fitz, woman extraordinaire!
Lynnsy Logue Real Estate  408 Wilby Dr., Charlotte, N.C. 704-65one-fourfourthreethree.
Lynnsy Logue Real Estate  408 Wilby Dr., Charlotte, N.C. 704-65one-fourfourthreethree.
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