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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Now the fun begins. I started with the basics, a getting-to-know me as Lynnsy, me, as Condo CanDo® and The Real Estate Lady® and to introduce Linda Lawyer, my associate broker.
The mission statement, the experiences, the education, the years in real estate, the stories from the people, the services, the tips, the fun...a very broad profile for each buyer and seller and all their different roles. We hit the highlights.

Besides the business of real estate itself, I enjoy reading about what has happened, what might happen, the failures and the successes. I also like to go out into the market, meet professionals and other folk to see what they think, what they are doing or not.

There is my blog with columns back to 2000, reports and observations. We seem to echo those times again now in 2016. One of my teachers said, If you want to know where you are going, look at where you have been." One word, trajectory, comes to mind. So I write, ergo the blog.

And I speak up, my podcast, goes all the way back to 2000 and well cared for in our searchable archives. My latest endeavor is The Book of Condos available on-line with text and on-line with audio, the podcast.

Experts in their field are invited, their expertise is valued. One such is Chuck Graham, noted real estate consultant and writer. 

Here is his section and link to his website.


Chuck Graham (author of from "Plan to Profit") has a new book out or should I say "workbook" out. Escaping the Competitive Herd is focused on the challenges of being a successful private (as opposed to public) builder.
It is in a powerful workbook format opening with survey questions to better understand a company's weaknesses and strengths in the areas of finance, customer, process, organization, and planning. Upon assessing a company's situation additional, considerably more detailed chapters focus on each of these subjects suggesting the major keys to improvement.
You may contact Chuck at [email protected] to order (27.50).  
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