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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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Lynnsy, you and I hit it off the first time we met at the Matthews Farmer’s Market. I earned the nick name “Biscuit" when I shared a story with you about how my children, after a long day of hiking, treated biscuits and sweet tea as if they were Manna from Heaven. We met at a time when I was considering making significant changes in my life. I didn’t know what things were going to look like, but knew that the inklings in my minds’ eye began with the selling of my condominium I had been living in for seven years. I remembered your name, and Condo Can-Do from as far back as the 80’s and was excited to meet you face to face - and at just the right time. 

I was struck immediately by your insistence on looking at things and presenting them in an affirming (not patronizing) way - all the way down to the words you chose. I thought to myself “This is someone I want to work with to sell my condo.”

And sell my condo we did! In the process you encouraged me to accomplish everything I aimed for.  

You helped me along the way with patience, creativity, and persistence from our initial meeting in June, to my listing date in December, to my closing date in February. Even now, close to three years later, our work together influences me.

We met at my home and you helped me devise a plan to prepare my condominium for sale. The to-do list was typical, and long, but not surprising considering I lived in a place for several years with teenagers. My budget was all but non-existent. Most of the work had to be done by me. It could have been rather daunting but for the confidence that you expressed in my ability to accomplish the task. Having you as a teammate in this effort pushed me forward when I was exhausted and discouraged. It took me six months to get everything ready. We touched base regularly as I progressed. I learned from you the importance of making genuine connections with others, accepting people and circumstances as they are, and thinking creatively. When I encountered roadblocks, you provided ideas and resources that were invaluable. I gained confidence working with you because it seemed to me that you had no doubt that I could accomplish what I set out to do. It’s that “Can Do” attitude, isn’t it? It is beyond an attitude….it’s a behavior.

Since we met, I have applied that “Can Do” belief to many aspects of my life, and what a wonderful journey I am on!

With your help we sold the condo in a month. I was able to move closer to my work which enabled me to save money, and, more importantly in my mind, time. I gained ten hours a week to devote to things that I love: creativity, community service, hiking, camping, and simply being still. After two years, I decided that I wanted to live in another part of the country. I applied “CanDo” actions and attitude to getting here in six months - and here I am, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, with the Roaring Fork River, right in my back yard. 

Lynnsy, I have a great deal of love for you as a person and respect for you as a professional. I remember with fondness working alongside you planting flowers on a beautiful fall day. I remember the joy you show in the company of people, the passion and dedication you show to maintaining the quality of life for people in Charlotte. I remember the love you showed toward your dogs, the trees, your approach to life and business. I feel lucky to know you

Here’s a few photos of my recent adventures here in Colorado. I love it here - how can one go wrong with 300 days of sunshine a year!

Ondine Wilson