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As I go through all the letters and notes, this is one of the all time favorites because of we started and how we ended.
Many years ago, when open houses were less dangerous, I scheduled myself to open a property out off Providence. New construction and a great neighborhood. It snowed that weekend but I went anyway because I said I would. And then a young couple came plowing through the snow and into the house.
They had just announced their engagement. He had a condo in Third Ward, she had a condo in Myers Park and they wanted to sell both and buy a house. They knew exactly what they wanted. Out in the country, no close neighbors, a two story, colonial with a detached garage, and new construction.
Simple enough.
We had a plan. They were wonderful to work with even though both had high powered jobs and were hard working as well as travelling. They planned a spring wedding.
We talked a lot about where they saw themselves. I could see the house. If it were out there I knew I could find it.
The condos were sold and closed. They rented an apartment from month to month as the wedding was planned, the invitations sent, and soon we were throwing rice. They were off on their honeymoon. My job was to find the house.
I looked and looked. Drove and drove. Nothing hit me. Until one day, I drove through Mountainbrook over by SouthPark. An older neighborhood with larger lots and lots of trees. I saw a house with a circular drive on the market. It was a split level, brick and wood, lots of glass. I quickly made an appointment to preview. When I drove up to the house, there was a carport with a side entry. No detached garage. It was a neighborhood. Not out in the country. I felt drawn to the house and opened the lock, went in.
I walked from room to room. Beautiful hardwood floors, wonderful moldings and chair rails, beautifully decorated, everything was well done, updated in every way.
I could see them here. But how to tell them?
They came home from the honeymoon, got settled in and called. I said "yes" I had something to show them. I asked them to please just come, humor me, and told them there was something about this house, a split level with a carport in an in-town neighborhood.
And they came. They walked slowly through the house without saying a word and I just let them go. 
When they returned, they stood in front of me and said, "This is our house."

Dear Lynnsy,

Hope that all goes well with you and your company.

 As we all progress into a new and exiting year, often times people forget to take the time to express their thanks and gratitude to those individuals whom have brought happiness and fulfillment to our lives.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our heart felt thanks for all the hard work you have extended to our family. Every time we stoke the fire or have a gala gathering in our home, we both feel that it would not be possible without your direct participation. You made our home possible. It would not be overstated to say that you have been a part of our family from day one. You have made the difference when we think about experiences when buying and selling real estate.
Not only did you find the perfect house house for us without dragging us all over town in a frenzied buying spree, but you sold existing property for us which required little participation on our part. Since we both work for a major bank and I am direcly involved with the real estate, we both appreciate your personalized professional service.
We have discussed this on numerous occasions and have stated to others that your marketing style and personal pledge to service go far beyond the normal agent to client relationship. For this we feel that we can call upon you and your staff to consult in confidence on a full range of matters directly dealing with our real estate interest.
We look forward to our continued relationship.
Best wishes

R and E W
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