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​Another favorite favorite, a woman called one day to see if I handled rentals. I asked her if she could buy. She said she was older,  had raised her family,made a modest salary but didn't think she ever could qualify for a mortgage. She never thought she could own her own home.

Dear Lynnsy,
Just a note to say hello and let you know that all is well at my new residence here in Carmel. Thank you much for all of your help-couldn't have done it without you.
Thanks again, KF

The sellers of the home we found were down sizing and moving back to their home in the next county, this had been a city place. They left most of the trappings and paid her closings expenses.
​This was another of a real estate chain of events in one family, selling two and buying one over a period of two years.

Dear Lynnsy, 
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all of your hard work in
making our real estate dreams come true! After selling two houses for us within the last two years, we are thrilled with the results of your efforts.
Results are obviously the most important outcome in your business however, we were very impressed with several other key factors of your services.

 First of all, your marketing knowledge and experience was obvious from the start. The marketing strategies you implemented for our homes were not only effective but above and beyond any we've experienced in the past. As business owners, we understand how important it is to effectively market your product or service. You went far beyond just placing it (house) in the MLS and waiting for a call. Your use of several marketing tools depending on the strategy created for the house were unique and certainly effective.

Your overall experience in real estate also helped in providing a strong base of
resources for whatever our needs required. Through your help we were connected with professional, dependable people who met our needs through the potentially stressful closing process.

Finally, it was the relationship you cultivated with us which was most rewarding. Your communication was timely and complete. We knew the status our our houses whenever we asked. We found your judgements and opinions to be sound and accurate. It was very nice to have someone with your knowledge and experience to discuss our plans with. We appreciate your willingness to be unselfish and not do what would have been easiest for you commission-wise, but to truly look out for our best interests. 

Your three P's (Prayer, Positive attitude, and Patience) was the perfect prescription for us on our end with you in charge on the other end.
We are certainly recommending you to all of our friends who also have real estate dreams of their own!  

Thanks again for all of your hard work. 
D and BH
Do you want us to just write it in an email you can transfer it to your website (which is fabulous, by the way) :-)
I didn't realize you were such a baseball fan (or fanatic, or freak.....which I am ...for the Red Sox!!!)
With all the kudos already on the can we add to them?
Let me give it a try

" Never having met the "condo lady" (we live 3000 miles away) and getting such incredible and caring service from Lynnsy with our condo in Charlotte, makes us wish she were in our part of the country, the west. Lynnsy devoted much time  both getting our little place ready for sale and following through with a fantastic sale price....We will be forever grateful!"
  M and N, Reno, Nevada

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