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Dear Lynnsy, 

I wanted to write to thank you for your help in finding my home. Being a first time 
buyer and having no local family for advice on decisions I thought the process
 of buying a home was going to be very stressful, but I was very wrong and have 
you to thank for that.

 I also appreciate the fact that when I needed a break from looking at houses you gave me the time I needed without calling and bothering me and allowing me to call you when I was ready to look again which reduced the stress to a minimum.

 It was great help when you went over the paperwork before it all had to be signed at the closing, also the choice of people you gave me to choose from or inspections and lawyers.

I just want to say thank you again and when it is time for me to buy a home again I will be giving you a call.


Every transaction is different, all the people are different. All the folks I have worked with over three decades have been truly wonderful and unique.
 Here is another:

Dear Lynnsy:
Received the balance of the proceeds from the sale of my home, many thanks.
I want to thank you for all of your help you extended to me-even prior to lisitng my property with you, you were very helpful in exploring with me the tax implications of renting my property prior to putting it on the market. Being out of state, I really appreciate all of your due diligence in your marketing efforts, procuring a rapid sale and tying up all those loose ends for a clean closing.

Lynnsy, I value your advice, professionalism and personal service amnd wish you every success personally and professionally. Thank you again,

Best personal regards,
​And still another favorite...A recent widower, he was looking for a new home.

Dear Lynnsy,
Thank you for your excellent work in quickly finding my new home. Your interview to discover my criteria for home selection allowed me to look at only five houses before striking gold...that must be a record. Of course you looked at over fifteen houses, but that is your job, and I appreciate how well you do it.

Best wishes,
Hey Lynnsy,

I am still happily living in the townhouse you found for me on the pond. 
The price at the time I thought was way over 
the top. They are selling for much, much more today which looks pretty 
good. I will have this place paid off soon 
and that will give me a lot of flexibility.  

When you drove up in front of this unit I was
 100% against it since it looked 
so "old fashioned" but decided I should look at it just to be polite. I'd 
already nixed so much you showed me. 
 When I walked into the front door, my eyes 
popped out, and I loved it. 
 Thanks for finding my home for me. It has been 
a very positive thing in my life.

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