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Street School

                  Feature Adv. Editor The Charlotte News/
                  The Charlotte Observer
                  A hands-on education in media 

                  Broadcasting and Television
                  Promotions/ Programming and 
                  Creator of Celebrated Children's Super Hero, 
                                                                      Sonic Man
                  Out West: Oklahoma City, Dallas and Houston,  
                  Negotiator for and builder of Independent 
                                                             Television Stations  

                  Real estate 1986 Touchberry Real Estate
                  Opened  firm in 1988, among the first to earn
                   graduate real estate designations
                   and certified status.

"We view our  successes by the families who share their dreams with us."

Listing Agent
Buyers Agent
NC and SC Brokers
Marketing Pros
Graphic Design
Technology Based
Market Savvy
Resource Base

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"I am a part of Charlotte and Charlotte is a part of me."
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